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Let’s talk sugar…

Errrrr… maybe we shouldn’t… but we REALLY should. 

As I have shared before, I was SO addicted to sugar. It’s still a huge fight for me daily, but not nearly as bad as it was. Before I did Whole30 I knew I ate a lot of sugar, because I was constantly craving it, but I had no idea how much! Every night, I would put my kids to bed, my husband would go to bed and I would start the cravings. Something with sugar, anything! (Preferably ice cream.) I was stuck in this endless cycle of craving, giving into my craving, emotional eating, giving into my craving, not liking how I looked or felt, emotional eating, crying, and so on. It seemed like I would never be able to get control of myself! As a friend of mine just shared revelry, sugar was my drug. It was the first thing I turned to when I had a hard day, it was what I craved when I was having a good day, it’s what I wanted ALL the time. I couldn’t get enough of it. I was the epitome of a sugar addict.
Today, I was curious what a simple search on the all knowing Google would come up with about sugar. First I searched “Different types of sugar” and what I found was disturbing. Over 60 different names/ types of sugar or added sweetners. 😳And this isn’t even all of them. Before you say, “Oh well I don’t eat THAT much sugar!” Start reading your labels. Not just stuff you suspect sugar is in, ALL of your labels. Here’s what happened when I did. I got angry. So angry! Why does our country allow sugar to be in literally everything. That’s not even a joke. Sandwich meat, bread, potatoes chips, bacon, dried fruit, nuts, chicken broth, precooked meats, sausages, mayo, mustard, etc. I could go on and on about it! Food that doesn’t NEED sugar in it, guess what, there’s some sort of sugar. And it’s cleverly disguised in there too. Unless you know they names of sugar, you won’t even think twice about having brown rice syrup in it!

So why is it such a big deal? 

Like I just said, there is sugar in EVERYTHING. So you and I unsuspectingly eat “normal” food not realizing we are consuming large amounts of sugar, and then too it off with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s or peanut butter cups because “We deserves treat every now and again!” Not realizing what affects the mass amounts of sugar are having on our bodies. Here’s an example. 

I’ve heard people say that sugar is more addictive than cocaine. And being a sugar addict I can tell you, I wouldn’t doubt that. I’ve never done cocaine so I can’t compare and contrast the two but I’ve struggled for years with a sugar addiction. Here is someone I found VERY interesting.

So when you add- mass amounts of sugar hidden in all KINDS of our food and the addictiveness of sugar, you get a country that’s subconsciously addicted to sugar. A country wondering why we have record cases of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, cancer, auto immune disorders and so much more. 

Here are some statistics I found from my search:

-74% of prepackaged foods have hidden ADDED sugar.

-On average Americans consume 66lbs of sugar each year. EACH PERSON! Add that up over a lifetime…. 😬


-On average Americans eat about 15 teaspoons of ADDED sugar daily! 


Now, I am not a doctor or a nutritionist, BUT, all of this information is found on a quick and easy Google search! Educate yourselves about what you put in your body. Because if you don’t, we will just continue to raise a country full of diabetic obese sugar addicts. We deserve more than that! Our kids deserve more than that! Be informed! Start the change! We should have a say as to what is in our food!! 

Xoxo- Amanda 😘 Recovering Sugar Addict

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Why don’t we care?

Hey, hey, hey!

As most of you now know, my family and I are moving and I’ve been packing up my house. Today while I was packing up one of my kitchen cabinets, I found a package of Peeps that we had hidden from our kids last Easter. When I realized they were still in there I expected them to look all weird and nasty. To my surprise, they looked exactly the same as the day I put them in there. Then I thought, “I should check the expiration date!” Much to my surprise, the expiration date is 06/2017!!!!!! This was alarming to me. 

Then I started thinking more and more about this. This applies to literally everything we eat! Why do we eat stuff like this? Why do we “treat” ourselves with these type of things? Are we so ignorant that we don’t care that this is posioning us? Why do we care so little about the ingredients of the items that we continuously put in our bodies? Do we even realize the affects these things have on us? Do we just trust because they are approved for sale that they are healthy? 

Also- ummm, what is in a peep?! 

It’s a marshmallow so, sugar, corn syrup, gelatin and numerous added artificial colors and chemicals. One of those is caranuba wax, which is also found in car wax. Yep. Car wax.  


More than anything this once again opened my eyes to the fact that we as a country are too trusting in the quality of our food. We trust because it is approved by the FDA that is all good for us. Well, guess what, it’s not. And if you care at all about your health, you will do yourself a favor and become a professional label reader. The fewer ingredients the better! Also, there are so many people who don’t care. And that is heart breaking!! I promise you, ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is diabetes, cancer and heart disease! You deserve more than that! We were made for more than that!! ❀



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My favorite Whole30/Paleo breakfast items and recipes.

Well, hello again!! πŸ€—

I wanted to take some time and talk about breakfast. Most people I’ve talked to, especially those who work early and/or full time, the number one reason for not eating breakfast is, “I don’t have time in the morning!” Or “I’m just too tired!”

For the longest time as a stay at home mom, my breakfast was consistently half a pot of coffee. Until about 12-1pm when I was shaking and dizzy. So bad. πŸ™„ I’ve noticed with my own journey and with other people, those who skip breakfast have a harder time loosing weight and keeping it off. Now, I’m not a doctor nor have I done any studies, but from personal observation, this is what I’ve noticed. So what is the solution. EAT MORE FOOD! 😊 That’s not usually ever a problem for anyone. Haha. Here are some of my favorite breakfast items and recipes-


When I’m in a rush and don’t have time to make anything or have anything prepped, I always go for a RXBAR. Most of these are Whole30 compliant. The peanut butter one is not but man, it’s delicious.

I find these locally at Trader Joes (limited flavors) as well as Marlene’s Market (limited flavors). Now that I’ve tried all of the flavors and know which ones are my fave, I order them by the box of 12 on Amazon. It’s so nice! Now, if you are doing Whole30 you will read in the book that the author recommends not eating these as meal replacements or when your sugar dragon is roaring. I couldn’t agree more. These are emergency fuel, treat them that way. My husband cannot eat breakfast like I can. He gets physically sick. In that case, I could see where this and a piece of fruit would be fine.

These Trader Joes chicken breakfast sausages have been a godsend! They have great flavor, clearly, they freeze well, and they are cheap! Every time I go to TJ’s I buy at least 2 packages of them. My whole family loves these. Every time I make them I hear, “MMmmm Mom, can I just have one of your sausages!” Haha. A staple for me now.

The organic sweet Italian sausages are also a staple in my fridge. For the longest time I was buying the Aidells Organic Sweet Basil sausages and they were good for literally everything. Then Costco stopped carryingΒ them and started carrying these. I’m pretty happy with these. Both are Whole30 compliant.

These are great with roasted or fried potatoes and eggs, as lunch by themselves, or in other things for dinner. Lately, I’ve been cooking these bad boys up with baby potatoes and onions in my oven on convection. Crispy and delicious and all it needs is a runny egg over the top. I usually make up a big batch and eat them a couple day in a row!



This recipe my cousin found, it doesn’t sound that good, but oh my gosh, it’s amazing. I could have eaten the whole pan! Sweet potato, carmalized onion and chorizo (I used a hot pork ground sausage because I couldn’t find a compliant chorizo.)


Here is another frittata from the Whole30 Cookbook. It’s easy, delicous and reheats well. Love it. You can make it your own or just stick to the recipe. I like the mix things up and add my own spin on it. 😊



I hope this was helpful to any of you out there who are trying to find yummy healthy recipes!! Please keep in touch! Thanks for reading and I’ll keep sharing!

Maybe be you can try one of these amazing recipes for a big Saturday morning breakfast! Those are my favorite! 😊